"General & Advanced Dentistry"

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    Family Dentist
    Jasper, TX
    Southeast Texas

    Affordable, Personal Dental Care

    Dr. Koch and Family & Implant Dental Care are committed to providing exceptional dental services for your entire family. From toothaches and cavities to dental check ups and teeth cleanings, you'll find our family dentistry an exceptional dental experience.

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    Dental Implants
    Jasper, TX
    Southeast Texas

    Titanium Tooth Replacement

    When a tooth goes bad, a titanium dental implant may be the best option to return your smile, make chewing easier, and prevent further damage.

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    Cosmetic Dentist
    in Jasper,
    Southeast Texas

    Subtle Improvements to Complete Smile Makeovers

    State-of-the-Art dental office, professional dentist, decades of education and experience, with a friendly staff, Family & Implant Dental Care will create the smile you have always dreamed of with KöR® Teeth Whitening, Invisable Clear Braces, Porcelain Veneers, and Dental Bonding giving you a complete Smile MakeOver.

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    Dental Warranty

    Five Year Piece of Mind for your Oral Investment

    As a patient of a Dental Warranty Certified practice, you will receive a written warranty that gives you "No Fault Coverage"! If "Anything" causes your covered dental work to fail, including new decay, biting on a hard object, sporting accident, auto accident, etc., the cost to repair or replace it will be at no charge to you under the terms and conditions of the Dental Warranty Certificate.

From A Patient

Staff and Doctor Koch are very friendly and helpful.

Doug G

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Family & Implant Dental Care in Jasper, Southeast Texas

Why Choose Family & Implant Dental Care?

why-choose-family-implant-dental-care-smWell known local dentist, Dr. Eric Koch and his talented dental team, can complete ALL phases of dentistry saving you time and money! From regular dental check ups, to complete Smile Makeovers using Porcelain Veneers and Clear Invisible Braces, to helping you with Sleep Apnea and Snoring, to performing Dental Implants and Bone Grafting, in their office without referring you to a Specialist elsewhere, Family & Implant Dental Care is your complete dental solution!

Schedule Your Dental Appointment, Free Consultation or Second Opinion

schedule-appointment-smComplete our online form and Family & Implant Dental Care will do their best to accommodate your requested appointment time. Call (409) 224-8197 during business hours and they can schedule your appointment by phone.

Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic-dentist-smUsing KöR® Whitening, Invisible Clear Braces, Porcelain Veneers, and Dental Bonding can create a Smile Makeover. State-of-the-Art dental office, professional dentist, decades of education and experience, with a very friendly staff, Family & Implant Dental Care will create your new beautiful smile.

General and Family Dentistry

family-dentistry-smComplete dentistry for your entire family. From teeth cleanings and dental check ups to toothaches, cavities, periodontal disease and periodontal deep cleanings, you'll find our family dentistry An Exceptional Dental Experience.

Dental Implants

dental-implants-smDental Implants are a better, more permanent solution than dental bridges for a missing tooth. The procedure for Dental Implants and Mini Implants, including Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts, are done in the office by Dr. Eric Koch saving you time and money.

Sleep Medicine, Sleep Apnea & Oral Appliance Therapy

sleep-apnea-smDid you know that sleep apnea affects more than 20 million Americans and can lead to serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, hypertension, depression and more? Snoring during sleep is usually the first sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Covered by one's medical insurance, Dr. Eric Koch prescribes Oral Appliances, often referred to as Dental Appliances that are an effective, comfortable, and durable alternative to CPAP therapy or corrective surgery.

KöR® Professional Teeth Whitening & Opalescence® Take Home Trays

teeth-whitening-smFeel good and look great with brighter, whiter teeth in less than an hour. KöR® teeth whitening is safe, effective, and very fast. Family Implant & Dental Care also carries Opalescence® trays for whitening at home.

Smile Makeover

smile-makeovers-smPart art, part science, and part perfectionist, Dr. Koch has been providing patients with new, beautiful smiles with Smile Makeovers for decades. Get the smile you have always wanted from Dr. Koch at Family & Implant Dental Care.

Dentist Office in Jasper Southeast Texas

dentist-office-hall-smOur goal is to minimize any dental anxiety or stress to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Our dental office is a warm, homey setting, where you can feel comfortable. Family & Implant Dental Care would like to be Your New Dental Home.