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Do NOT change a thing! Wonderful staff - professional, warm, caring, attentive....it was evident that this is more than a job for each of them, it is a passion. I haven't stopped telling of my experience to those within earshot.....Thanks you all from the bottom of my socks......that's even deeper than the bottom of my heart.....I'm truly thankful!

Sherry G

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Dental Check Ups

Not Just For Kids

See Family & Implant Dental Care twice a year for your regular dental check ups. Maintaining good oral practices will provide you with a lifetime of smiles.


Family Dentist Jasper in Southeast Texas

Dental Check Ups

Why Oral X-Rays?

With oral X-rays, Family & Implant Dental Care can see detailed images of specific sections of your mouth. After the X-ray technician takes the pictures, he or she sends the images to a computer, allowing Dr. Koch or his dental team member to view them on a screen. By using new digital X-rays, Dr. Koch provides a safer environment for you and works with technology that provides better details of your mouth and its overall structure. He or his hygienist displays your X-rays on a monitor in your room for you to see, and together you can determine a course of action and determine how to proceed with additional treatments, if needed. Types of oral X-rays include:

  • Bitewing – Dr. Koch can see the crowns of the upper and lower teeth. During a bitewing X-ray, the X-ray technician will ask you bite down on the X-ray film holder while he or she takes the X-ray images.
  • Periapical – Dr. Koch can see the tip of the root of your teeth.
  • Occlusal – Dr. Koch can see the alignment of your upper teeth and corresponding lower teeth when your jaw is closed.
  • Panoramic – Dr. Koch can see a comprehensive view of your entire mouth.

Typically, you will not require X-rays at every dental check up.

Why Dental Impressions?

Sometimes, during your dental check up, Family & Implant Dental Care may take a dental impression of one or both of your jaws to produce a model of your teeth and oral tissue. Dr. Koch or his hygienist evaluates your bite based on the impression. They also use your dental impression to make mouth guards if you play sports or bleaching trays if you want to whiten your teeth.

Making an impression is an invasive procedure. Dr. Koch or his hygienist fills a U-shaped tray with a soft, putty-like substance and places it over your upper or lower teeth. After a few minutes, he or she removes the trays and uses them to create a dental cast of your mouth. It may also be necessary for them to ask you to bite down on a soft material to record and evaluate your bite alignment.

Your Dental Exam Outcomes from Family & Implant Dental Care

After the completion of your dental exam, either Dr. Koch or his hygienist takes the time to discuss with you your overall oral health. This discussion includes your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and any other oral health problems you might be experiencing. The discussion also entails the preventive measures you can take to improve dental care and protect your oral health. During the conference, they recommend the best time to return for a follow-up visit, which typically is every six months; however, if you are at high risk of tooth decay, gum disease, or have other oral health problems, they may recommend dental check ups at an increased frequency. Family & Implant Dental Care takes extreme measures to make your dental check up as comfortable for you as possible, still providing for your optimum health care.