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Dr. Koch was nice to talk to, because besides reminding me of dental hygiene stuff he offered advice about my future in college that helped ease my mind. He had been there, done that, and that he cared to offer a few words on something besides teeth was nice.

Lauren L

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A Common Problem For Many Adults

It’s estimated that nearly 45% of normal adults snore at least occasionally, and 25% are habitual snorers.  It's undeniable that snoring can disrupt a good night’s sleep, impact relationships, and affect the quality of life for both you and your partner.


Sleep Apnea Dentist Jasper in Southeast Texas


Estimates show that about 80 million people in North America snore. Snoring ranges from the occasional snorer to the chronic snorer. Dr. Eric Koch of Family & Implant Dental Care, in Jasper, Texas, is concerned about the chronic snorer – the individual who suffers from chronic snoring. A chronic snorer snores whenever they sleep and is usually tired after what seemed like a good night's rest. Chronic snoring affects about 25 percent of the adult population, putting them at risk for developing serious health problems.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs in the throat area when the soft tissue structures of your upper airway collapse onto themselves and vibrate against each other as air passes through them; the result is the sound known as snoring. If you have large tonsils, a long, soft palate, a large tongue, a large uvula, or excess fat deposits in your throat area, they, too, can contribute to your airway being narrowed causing you to snore.

Other factors that can lead to an obstructed or narrowed airway for the chronic snorer are

  • Allergies: Allergies can cause sinus infections, causing some people to snore during seasonal changes.
  • Deviated Septum: Deformities of the nose can cause airway blockage, causing some people to snore.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol consumption prior to sleeping can cause the throat muscles to relax obstructing the airway, causing people to snore.

Most times, the more narrowed your airway space is the louder or more habitual your snoring becomes.

Doctors have also linked chronic snoring to sleep apnea, a serious condition that causes long interruptions of sleep and high blood pressure. Sleep apnea may also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Snoring Treatments

Snoring and its undesirable attributes have been around for years. Even William Shakespeare made mention of snoring in Henry IV.

Peto: "Falstaff! Fast asleep behind the arras, and snorting like a horse."

Prince: "Hark, how hard he fetches breath."

You do not need to "snort like a horse" or struggle to "fetch" your breath while sleeping. Dr. Koch can offer a dental solution – Oral Appliance Therapy – to eliminate your Shakespearian ways, especially if you are a chronic snorer. Oral Appliance Therapy is the use of an oral appliance that prevents your soft tissues from blocking your airway during sleep. Using the appliance is as easy as wearing a dental retainer of athletic mouth guard, and properly fitted, snorting and fetching are no longer a part of your sleep pattern.

Freedom From Snoring

Family & Implant Dental Care's goal for you is to provide you with excellent dental health care; nevertheless, they also recognize that your body works as a unified organism, and when one system breaks down, it usually affects the body as a whole. If you are experiencing chronic snoring problems, you are not getting a good night's rest. Your body cannot recharge adequately to prepare you for the demands and functionality of the next day. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Koch to learn how a simple fix, such as an oral device, can help stop your chronic snoring to allow for a rejuvenating, restful sleep. Silent sleep is just a phone call away.